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Today’s athletes are more than just talented individuals that have spent their lives seeking greatness in their respective sport. Besides being admired and followed by millions of fans, modern athletes are walking media powerhouses. Think of household names like tennis legend Venus Williams. While the public admires their incredible skills and athleticism, there are so many more moving parts going on behind the scenes.

Contract negotiations, finances, careful management of the athlete’s social media presence, there is a host of additional factors that each play vital roles in an athlete’s career and it requires a team of talented individuals to manage it all.

This is where Wöchmaker comes in. We are a highly experienced sports talent management agency where an athlete’s reputation always comes first. Our team of passionate individuals has an eye for talent and we’re all about making sure your career, skills, achievements continue to build and shine so you can focus on shattering records and winning games while we deal with the numbers, contracts, partnerships, and reputation management.

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