Career Management

In order to develop a successful career as a player or even a coach, enthusiasm, motivation, bravery, determination, passion, ambition, and skill are just a few of the many elements that you need to cultivate. In all respects, both in good and worse times, we help and counsel our clients on a personal and professional level to get the best out of their careers by taking the right decisions when the time is right. You are the central figure in supporting sports initiatives for your brand (you the athlete), as well as creating a public understanding of the value of sport participation, liaising to encourage best practice with governing bodies, schools, and local clubs.

There is competition involved in virtually all types of sports, and our goal at Wöchmaker is to enable our clients to fully concentrate on their career and development to have an edge. An edge at being stronger, faster, and sharper at the sport they’re passionate about and seek to achieve greatness in.