Social Media Management

Nowadays, a strong social media presence is an integral component of a team or an athlete’s brand. The fans want to feel connected and these connections are fundamental in boosting profiles, encouraging game attendance, and selling merchandise, for example. For many sports stars, there is a deep satisfaction in knowing thousands or even millions of ardent fans are excited to follow their career trajectory and watching them succeed and achieve victory.

Social media is an incredibly slippery slope, however. One small misstep and that well-intention or late night Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram image can have an opposite effect and lose you followers or earn not so pleasant headlines. Perhaps a disgruntled fan or a diehard follower of the team that recently lost decides to share their negative, controversial comment or image. On the other hand, due to other commitments, there may not be enough time to make regular posts, causing fans to feel disconnected. Hence, managing the day to day operations of careful social media management is key to a successful career.

Let Wöchmaker’s social media gurus manage the likes, followers, comments, retweets. and campaigns while you concentrate on the game.